American Bobtail


New Bobtail breeds have been discovered around the world, but the American Bobtail was the first of this breed to be recognized.


  • Strong, stocky body.
  • Their bobbed tails vary in length
  • Coat length varies from medium to moderately long. Longer coats include a heavy ruff (thick fur) around the neck and haunches, and silky tufts on the ears and nose.
  • Tail is fluffy and may be slightly curled.
  • All coat colors are accepted, but the more wild-looking patterns, such as the spotted and mackerel tabbies, are preferred for showing.
  • Meow is scratchy and unique.


  • Domesticated and loving.
  • Pleasing disposition. While livelier than many other breeds, these cats are not overly so.
  • Friendly, inquisitive and watchful.
  • Usually not very good climbers because they lack the balance cats with normal tails have.
  • Some owners compare their behavior to that of a dog.


The exact origins of the American Bobtail are unknown. However, we do know that they were brought to North America with the first European settlers. Some enthusiasts believe their shortened tails came from outcrossing them with wild bobcats. Others claim the short tails came from breeding them with the Manx, and that American Bobtails are really just Manx mixed breeds. Whatever their past, this is a loving and friendly breed. American Bobtails have been registered since 1990.


There are no known genetic problems associated specifically with the American Bobtail breed.



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