Why Does My Dog Always Act Hungry


Veterinarians hear this a great deal, especially when owners are told that their dog is overweight, “My dog is always so hungry.”

Yes he is. He, like most other animals, is programmed to eat all the food he can find because who knows when he will see food again. Your house is a smorgasbord of glorious smells and terrific foods just waiting to be scarfed down. Of course, he follows you from room to room waiting for you to cave in and give him something.

Dogs may truly believe, as it graphically seems at feeding time, that this is the last meal they will ever see.

Owners, by allowing “those big brown eyes”, to affect them, are killing their pets with kindness. How many times have you or a co-worker, or family member asked someone to move the potato chips, cookies or cake away from you before you eat the entire thing? You aren’t hungry, the food is there and there are millions of years of instinct telling you to eat it. You at least know that you have a figure to watch, dogs do not.

Dogs celebrate joy with movement (watch dogs charge around after a bath, maybe they are thrilled it’s over, or that they somehow, against all odds, escaped with their lives – but they charge around like maniacs). Obesity and its concurrent muscle and joint pains rob dogs of this as well as their health.

So, yes your dog is always hungry. Almost all dogs are always hungry. But a friend knows that the best thing to do is move that bag of chips to a different room. Do the same for your pet, and give them the opportunity to live a long and joyful life.

If you still having problems with your pet’s weight loss plans then consult your veterinarian.Also Remember, with the summer heat, pets may receive less exercise in the summer than in the winter. So if your pet is exercising less, it has to eat less, or it will gain weight.