Dogo Argentino – What an Amazing Dog


This rare breed has dog enthusiasts from around the world singing the praises of this magnificent animal.

The History of the Dogo Argentino, and the brothers who created him is as provocative and mysterious as Argentina itself. These two young brothers were looking to breed a hunting dog as rugged and diverse as the country they lived in. They also desired a dog that would fit in well with the family.

Dogo Argentino History

Brothers Antonio and Augustin Nores Martinez wanted to breed a dog capable of handling big game. When considering their new wonder dog they had some very specific dog traits in mind and wound up with a mating formula that actually included nine different dogs:

  • They began with the Fighting Dog of Cordoba
  • The Pointer for his keen sense of smell
  • Boxer for vivacity and gentleness
  • The Great Dane for size
  • Bulldog for a broad chest and boldness
  • The Irish Wolfhound with his unsurpassed instinct for hunting
  • Dogue De Bordaeux contributed his extraordinarily powerful jaws
  • Great Pyranees for its white color
  • And the Spanish Mastiff for its promise of authority and power

When combined, this recipe gave them the exact dog they were hoping for, and more. Previously dog owners had to choose between a working dog or a family dog, and now with the Dogo Argentino, they had created an animal with both qualities. Obviously, this process took many years and unfortunately Antonio was senselessly murdered prior to the realization of his dream. With help from donors, Augustin continued, but it wasn’t until the early 1960’s that Augustin had the dog he and his brother had dreamed of.

Dogo Argentino – The Pet Dog

Though not yet sanctioned by the American Kennel Club, the Dogo Argentino is in the process of becoming a registered breed. The Dogo is on what might be considered the AKC waiting list. The AKC has two subgroups; The Foundation Stock Service Breeds and the Miscellaneous Class Breeds. The FSS was developed to recognize rare breed fanciers and those breeds with AKC potential. The MCB is more organized, and is responsible for overseeing that breed books are kept properly prior to becoming registered. As of late the Dogo Argentino falls into the FSS group and is moving up the list fast.

The Dogo Argentino was recognized by Cinologic Foundation of Argentina and the Argentina Rural Society in 1964. Then, the Argentina Kennel Club finally recognized the breed on July 31st, 1973.

Originally, in Argentina, the Dogo held many responsibilities. The jobs he performed included military and police work, rescue, obedience and even used as guide dogs for the blind. Worldwide the Dogo is used for everything from wild boar hunting, blood trail dogs, tracking, Search and Rescue, Agility and they perform well in therapy and bomb detection.


As with many rare breeds, there is an influx of unscrupulous breeders. As always it is important to be discretionary and check out any potential breeder. The Dogo Argentino has really created a calling, as he is a wonderful family dog. The Dogo is good with kids, but as with any dog, small children should be supervised. He is an active dog and needs considerable daily exercise. As is true with most pure white dogs, with the Dogo, there is a propensity for deafness, and they should always undergo the BAER (veterinary administered hearing test). Dogos are natural watchdogs and will become extremely protective of their owners and/or family.

Dogo owners rave about their dogs and recommend them highly to anyone who will listen. As far as pets go the Dogo Argentino has everything it takes to be the perfect pet dog for anyone.