Japanese Bobtail – The cat with rabbit tail


Origin of Japanese Bobtail Cats

As their name suggests, the breed Japanese Bobtail is originate from Japan. Unique feature of these cats is represented by their tail. When the cat has a relaxed position, the natural tail looks like a rabbit tail. In Japan, the origins of the breed can be found somewhere in the VIII century, but came out of Japan only in 1960, when short-haired Japanese Bobtail was imported to America. It is now a recognized breed in America, and widespread.

Physical Traits of Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail is a medium sized cat with elegant shape and a well developed muscles. The head is clean-cut and has the form of a triangle with curved lines and high cheekbones . Her nose is long and well framed, and the area joining the whiskers is well marked. The ears are large, expressive and are arranged at a considerable distance from one another. The eyes are large and round, are in a permanent state of alert. In terms of body size, males are somewhat larger than females. Cats are supple and elegant, with a well developed muscular system, with an overall harmonious appearance. The neck is appropriate in length, in proportion to body size. Hind legs are longer than previous ones.

The tail is one of the distinctive elements of this breed, which differ both from other races, and within the breed. It is almost impossible to find two identical tails to a Japanese Bobtail cat. The tail should be visible and consists of one or more curves, angles or any combination thereof. May be flexible or rigid and should have a shape and a size in direct proportion to the body. The hair on the tail is generally thicker and longer than the rest and grow in all directions, creating the effect of pom-pom tail or rabbit.

Character and temperament of Japanese Bobtail:

This cat is extremely friendly and intelligent. Have a sweet nature, get along well with most animals and love human company . Some of them can learn various tricks and attention need to be kept permanently. They are very good pets.

This breed is famous for high resistance to disease and a very low mortality rate among infants. Pups are born not totally free of the tail, but not with a normal tail. Cats are active, intelligent and very talkative. Are capable of a lot of tone of voice, making so many people to say they are “singing” cats . Considering the fact that people love the company, of the Japanese Bobtail cats talk every time they are addressed a few words. They are very good travel partner.

Japanese Bobtail cats do not require special care, whereas it is easy to keep their fur in good condition . The type with long hair needs some more attention. However, both will appreciate a brushed with a soft brush of natural hair.

Varieties of Japanese Bobtail
In cats with long hair, fur is medium length to long, and is as smooth and silky. This is preferable to a collar front, fur can be shorter and attached to the body at the shoulders. They are preferred tufts of hair at ears and fingers. The coat should be so willing to highlight the contours of the body. Skin color of the nose, the eye pads must match that of the coat. There are allowed blue eyes, but also different colors. Japanese Bobtail Cats can have different colored fur: white, black, red, beige.