Pugs – a lot of dog in a small space!


Pugs At a Glance

  • Petites
  • Couch Potato
  • The Life of the Party
  • Natural Beauty

Famous Owners

  • Musician Chris Kirkpatrick of NSync (dog’s name – Busta)
  • Musician Billy Joel (dog’s name – Fionula)
  • Empress Josephine Bonaparte (dog’s name – Fortune)
  • Author George Eliot (dog’s name – Pug)
  • Musician Paula Abdul (dog’s name – Puggy Sue)
  • Actor Mickey Rourke (dog’s name – Raphael)
  • Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger (dog’s name – Duke)
  • Actress Jenna Elfman (dog’s name – Guinevere)

Breed History

Pugs are among the oldest known breeds, dating back to before 400 B.C. They originated in the Orient and have been the cherished pets of royalty. Indeed, they were so valued that in 1860 British soldiers ransacked the Imperial Palace of Peking and stole Pug and Pekingese dogs to bring back to England.


Among the most notable Pug owners in history is Empress Josephine Bonaparte. While imprisoned at Les Carmes, Empress Josephine Bonaparte tucked secret messages into the collar of her little Pug Fortune and counted on him to deliver them to her husband Napoleon. Although he willingly delivered the messages, it’s clear that Josephine was his favorite of the two — he once bit Napoleon on the leg for entering the bedchamber!

Pugs Today

Pugs range in size from 10 to 11 inches and can weigh up to 18 pounds. They are compact and sturdy dogs and have been called Multo in Parvo, which means “a lot of dog in a small space.” They have short, coarse fur and may be silver, apricot-fawn, or black. Silver and apricot-fawn Pugs have a black mask and ears.

Pugs serve the highest purpose, to love and protect their people. It’s a job they take very seriously — just ask Napoleon!

Personality and the Perfect Owner

You’ll have to enjoy a bit of a challenge to own a Pug. Although they are very adaptable dogs, equally suited to city or country life, they don’t hesitate to make their opinions known. Lovable and non-aggressive though they are, they tend to be headstrong and tenacious.

A Pug knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to take it!