The Boxer is all about FUN!


Boxer At a Glance

  • Big and Tall
  • Olympic Athlete
  • The Life of the Party/The Babysitter/The Bodyguard

Famous Owners

  • Professional Rugby Player Alan Langer (dogs’ names – Bonny and Clyde)
  • Actress Deedee Pfeiffer (dog’s name – Orphin)
  • Actress Shirley McClaine (dog’s name – Caesar)
  • British Comedian and Singer Sir Harry Secombe (dog’s name – Jim)
  • Actress Jodie Foster (dog’s name – Lucy)
  • Australian Writer and Cricketer Max Walker (dog’s name – Paddy)

Breed History

Named Boxer because of its tendency to “punch” with its front paws during fights, this breed was developed in Germany for use in bull baiting and guarding. They are descended from early Bulldogs, Mastiffs, and Great Danes. Boxers were also used as some of the first police assistant dogs in Germany.

Boxers Today

The Boxer stands between 21 and 25 inches and weighs from 55 to 70 pounds. He is either fawn or brindle colored with white markings and a defined mask. He is a solidly built dog with long hard muscles and a shape reminiscent of a rectangular box.


Personality and the Perfect Owner

Don’t let his serious face and strong body fool you — the Boxer is all about fun! He’s a big pup who never grows up. Boxers are enthusiastic and playful. He’s an easily trained dog, but his love for playing can get him into unintentional trouble. In spite of his boisterous attitude, the Boxer’s tough appearance makes him an ideal guard dog. At the same time, he’s great with children and you’re likely to find him playing “pillow” for your toddler!

Common Health Problems

Before adding a Boxer to your home, ask your breeder about the dog’s health history. Common Boxer ailments are:

Corneal ulcers · Bloat · Tumors · Digestive problems · Heart disease