On Lvov Oblast border of Ukraine ten dogs vow their allegiance to their country.

10 German Shepherds from the  Dog Training Center of the Ukraine border services attended the ceremony. The oath was read by border guard officers on behalf of these dogs.

Ivan Krykhta the officer of the Dog Training Center said “In the world there is such a common practice. Of course, the dog does not understand it, but for military man and cynologist it’s important”.

The full text of the oath of border guard dogs:

“I am always ready to serve my master to protect his life.

Strictly and flawlessly execute his commands, firmly and confidently uphold his peace and freedom.

Ready to be faithful assistant in search of drugs, weapons and explosives.

Ready to find children who gets lost and violators of the border.

I defend my master with my life,

I readily accept a bullet for him.

I am the nose and ears of my master,

I will protect him and serve him,

And do not expect anything in return.”

This was the second ceremony of such time in Ukraine. The first one took place in June this year when 70 German Shepherds sworn to the country’s fidelity.