York Chocolate Cat Breed



York Chocolate owes its appearance to the American Janet Chiefari , the owner of a cat with long white black hair, in a farm at the outskirts of Albany(USA), where the cat mate in 1983 with Smokey, the neighbor’s cat. The kittens birth stands out an unusual kitten with the color of chocolate.

Traits of York Chocolate Cat

York Chocolate is an animal with a supple and long constitution which reminds that of Siamese, although it is clearly higher and more robust. Males reach the weight of 6-8 kg, and females more than 4.5 kg. The head is suitable large, more long than wide, in the form of a triangle with rounded corners. In profile, the skull is rounded, nose has a smooth stop, chin is less pronounced. The ears are large, sharp, inclined forward and away. Eyes are medium size, almond in golden color, dark green or peanut. Legs are medium length, the posterior longer than the previous. The paws are round and children. Medium and long tail is between adult cats, the hair on the tail have to spoil that one up. The fur is medium length, soft and glossy, following body lines. The delicate consistency doesn’t have a wooly down. Hair is short snout, on the abdomen and the lower portion of legs, the longer the spine, hips, legs and upper part of the neck.

Character and behavior of York Chocolate

Less active and reactive, it needs moderate attention by man. The family has to be affectionate people, allow easy comfort and likes to be held in her master lap. With more foreign persons she is reserved, even shy, but in any case, is sociable and very less aggressive. Due tendency to follow its owner everywhere, was nicknamed cat-satellite, but is, in fact, quite independent, and she rarely meows . She accepts other animals, can be an affectionate and discreet playmates for children in the house. New things attract attention and does not like to leave the atmosphere that is familiar to them, adapted to life in the flat, easily withstand several hours of loneliness, but loves to be able to have access to green space.

Varieties of York Chocolate Cats

York Chocolate the standard provides four varieties: Chocolate merged, chocolate white, lilac and mauve and white . In unite colors , a white spot on breast or womb is accepted, but not required. At the bi color specimens, white is distributed around the neck, chest, belly, legs and, often, the muzzle, with a stripe on his nose. Colors are obviously more lighter to kitten that, up to 12 months can have traces of tiger drawing or stains.